Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Wedding Photo Display

When I started getting to know Casey's mother, Gaty some 4 years ago, it didnt take me long to figure out how devoted she was to her family--past, present and future. We are both lovers of memories and vintage EVERYTHING.

Our ancestors are the very root of us, that is true for every one, but even more so for Gaty and the Thibodeaux clan. Ancestor worship is alive and well in their family, and its refreshing to see so many family members and pictures from the old days. Gaty and I have sat and looked at old pictures more times than I can count. 

Whether we are looking at her mother's (gammy) portrait

OR my personal favorite Gaty as a young girl

Isn't she a dish?!

IT'S The Thibodeaux Bunch, the Brady Bunch's wild and crazy Cajun cousins! 
I always thought Casey looked exactly like his dad, after seeing
 this picture I think he looks like Uncle Tim (3rd from the front).

OR wait maybe this is my favorite, Elton and Gaty's wedding photo

This picture brings me around to my point. As much as we value memories and the past I just knew I had to have a family wedding photo display. I didn't want to put them all in frames. That method is beautiful, no doubt about that. Buying frams for all those photos gets COSTLY, and it takes up a lot of valuable reception tabletop space.

So I decided on this little diddy:

Alyse French Photography
Parents and grandparents in the middle, flanked by aunts, uncles,
 cousins, and even some great greats in there!

I mounted the photos on pink paper, and then mounted that on silver shimmer card stock. Mounted sounds dirty...I am too immature for this.

I took satin ivory ribbon, and lace ribbon and glued them together with my favorite adhesive - thermoweb tape runner. I had to be very careful to glue a little at a time to try and keep them even.

I then took business cards and used my handy dandy punch that looks like lace, for the name cards! I put the name of the couple and their wedding year on the card.

Since almost all the photos were of the couples with their cakes (completely unintentional-- I emailed everyone for a photo and, thats what they sent) we put the display behind our wedding cake.

Alyse French Photography
You can kind of see it in the back ground there. I absolutely love this photo. See that cake topper...

Alyse French Photography
Vintage Barbie & Ken--double whammy they are christmas ornaments! 
I can't wait to put them on our first christmas tree together this year. His cumber bun and tie were maroon--a simple flick of the paint pen and BAM problem solved.

Sorry I got off on a weird cake topper tangent.

I am beyond pleased with how the photo's turned out and how it all looked in the venue. 

I can't wait to one day add this photo to my baby's wedding photo display, what a happy thought.

Alyse French Photography


  1. Thank you for being my daughter-in-love......all your wedding plans and ideas were classy vintage and just what I wanted. (In my dreams)

  2. thank you for being my mother-in-love!