Thursday, March 8, 2012

Save The Date / Embossing Tutorial

I decided I don't want to share how my invitations look until all my guests have received them. So in a week, or two I will post all the pictures. Until then, here is how I made our save the dates. I typed it up and printed them all myself. I bought the paper from paper source. I probably could have dressed them up a bit, but the invites and save the dates have a similar look so I wanted to make sure the STDs (hehe std) stayed more casual looking.

Inspiration Boards

I made a real life inspiration board with rubber cement and several-hundred bridal mazazines, you don't mind that I call them mazazines do you? Anyway, the end result was just not that great or as dreamy as the virtual inspiration boards I keep seeing. I finally made one, a little too late mind you but whatevah! Without further ado, my wedding board.

Image 1: Clayton Austin Photography, Image 2: Rebekah Westover, Image 3: Style Me Pretty,  Image 4: Style Me Pretty,  Image 5: Style Me Pretty,  Image 6: KWP Weaver, Image 7: Unknown, Image 8: Style Me Pretty, Image 9: KWP Weaver

Monday, March 5, 2012

Engagement Photoshoot

I was very antsy in my pantsy about engagement pictures. After obsessing over so many cute photos online, I had built my expectations way up. A month before our scheduled shoot I started deciding on a style and buying clothes! Does this mean I wasnt still buying accessories the DAY of my shoot? Of course I was. At the last minute I ditched my usual black/gray and spiced it up with some turquoise. Usually my impulse decisions dont work out for the best but this time it did.

My tips for engagement photos

1. Pick a photographer who's style is totally you. I originally wanted a more vintage look, but I decided it would look very dated in about 10 years when this trend goes away. I love love love my photographer, Alyse French, and everything she shoots. She has a vintage feel while still remaining timeless.

2. Pick outfits that are comfortable. I wore brand new teal pumps. MISTAKE. I dont regret them, but i reget not breaking them in first. Yikes. I was sweatin' like a you know what, it was very unbecoming. I did take a lot of time "styling" our shoot, and I think it made a big difference. I pictured the look I was going for and executed it pretty nicely.

See I took them off to walk, killer.