Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Box-y Make Up Bag

I love bags, all bags--totes, suitcases, book bags, make up bags it really never ends.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

Naturally, when I decide I want to make something it is usually a bag of some sort. At some point I hope to grow and make other things, but for now you will see a lot of bag making goin' on up in here.

I have been wanting to make a boxy bag or as I like to call it a toiletry bag/dopp kit. It is more the shape of a mans dopp kit, and I adore the shape! I saw this amazing bag on Say Yes to Hoboken, which is an absolutely amazing blog, I highly suggest checking it out.

This small bag is perfect for a beginner, and perfect for someone new to zippers. I can not lie, those zippers can be tricky, especially when you are just starting out. Continue Reading...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Wedding Photo Display

When I started getting to know Casey's mother, Gaty some 4 years ago, it didnt take me long to figure out how devoted she was to her family--past, present and future. We are both lovers of memories and vintage EVERYTHING.

Our ancestors are the very root of us, that is true for every one, but even more so for Gaty and the Thibodeaux clan. Ancestor worship is alive and well in their family, and its refreshing to see so many family members and pictures from the old days. Gaty and I have sat and looked at old pictures more times than I can count. 

Whether we are looking at her mother's (gammy) portrait

Monday, July 9, 2012

Online Family Planner

I hate hearing, "Babe, what's for dinner?" everyday around 2:30 PM. "Ky, when is the water bill due..oh and how much was it?" I just knew in this day and age there must be something online to help keep us both informed and organized. It didn't take 5 minutes until I found, which in my opinion is the best online shared calendar. Cozi has android and iphone apps so all your family's information is literally at your finger tips. My favorite thing on the site: there is an option to have Cozi email you, your weekly run down. Every Sunday morning I get an email and I know what I've got in store for me the rest of the week!

This is the monthly view on the website, this is how it looks when it prints out. We both add bills we have due, our pay schedule, important events and birthdays. When we have little bambinos running around and I become a soccer mom this will be fantastic to keep track to ballet, baseball activities, play dates, parent teacher night etc.

Here is the weekly view, this is how I view it mostly--as a weekly view. 
Monthly just overwhelms me too much! Continue Reading...