About Me

My husband, Casey and I live in Houston, Texas born and bred. By day I am an administrative assistant for the Curriculum and Instruction Dept at a School District, I do makeup for weddings and special events on the side, see www.kyleenicole.com for more about that aspect of my life .

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Casey is an accountant for a large oil and gas company. We met in kindergarten, basically I followed him around mercilessly. I had the biggest crush on him until I moved schools in 4th grade. We reconnected via the internets our freshman year of college and we have been together ever since.

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I also have a five eight year old brother. We have a twenty year age difference. He is a huge part of my life, so naturally he has to have a part in the about me section. He is the sweetest angel in the whole world, the whole world I tell you!

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