Tuesday, August 14, 2012

San Diego Wedding at The Ultimate Skybox

Casey's childhood friend, Clayton got engaged back in October. It was such an exciting time, we had gotten engaged 5 months earlier, and my heart was just exploding with love. Our lives are growing and changing at an insane rate, it's nice to have people that are on the same crazy train.

Whoa time warp--2009! Fun fact the couple in the middle recently got engaged--in June.
Almost everyone in our group is married or about to be, it's a really fun time in our lives.
P.S. What am I wearing? I have come a long way since 22.
This is really humiliating and I am regretting putting this picture on here!

That is Clayton and Melissa far right. They met at the NASA gym, Melissa worked in Mission Control and Clayton was working in the gym at the time and the rest as they say is history! I think they had been dating about 6 months in this photo, we were just getting to know Mel, but she fit right in. To say I have throughly enjoyed getting to know her over the years, would be an understatement. She is such a good friend, from helping me with wedding crafts, to coming to the many wedding events we had, to emailing and venting to each other. I just love her, so when I found out Clayton was proposing I wanted to do something nice for her. He proposed in Dallas at a winery. I sent him with a little care package for her to open the proposal night, I wish I had taken photos : (. I sent a wedding magazine, nail polish in a bridal blue shade similar to their favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers blue, and a T-Shirt I made:

So now that you know the back story, on to the even better stuff, some wedding photos!

Melissa is from San Diego, California, coincidentally one of my favorite places in the world so we were doubly excited for this event. We arrived and the weather was perfect. It was like a beautiful spring day-- everyday, in August, for us Texans that was nothing short of a miracle. It was so nice to have some reprieve from this insane heat, not to mention humidity.

Before we arrived in San Diego we got this amazing little box courtesy of the bride and groom

She stamped the words in gold and then embossed like a boss <<click to learn how to heat emboss.

LOVED this. We definitely utilized this little baby. Incredibly tired the next day.

I love how she put it all together, see how neat and organized it looks?

Personalized water bottle

IN-N-OUT burger hats. We never went, oh well just one more reason to go back!

This was VERY helpful, I strongly recommend giving wedding attendants a schedule. 
When your out of town in a taxi, it helps to pull out a little card with the address.

Perfect weather forecast, this was a fun touch,
 a good way to get guests excited about the upcoming trip.

Bride & Groom Picks: What a neat idea. A perfect reference for us guests. If you are having a destination wedding, or have a lot of out of town guests you should make something like this for them. 
It was a nice personal touch while also being useful.

Melissa wrote us a fun personal note on some beautiful gold shimmer paper, 
I didn't get a great photo of it.

 Some laffy taffy and a San Diego Padres logo.
I should mention there was a bag of chips in here,
but by the time I took pictures casey had eaten them!

OKAY, onto the wedding....

They had their wedding at a venue called The Ultimate Skybox, and um it was just as the name says.

This is the view looking in from the balcony.

Melissa made those herself!

Delicious candy bar!

I didn't take many ceremony pictures because I recorded it.

It was quite a soulful experience. 15 stories high, beautiful weather as the sun got ready to set, they exchanged vows they wrote themselves. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

After the ceremony I was waiting for Casey to come out after doing wedding party things.
I had my favorite cocktail with the best view of my favorite city.
 Looking at this photo takes me right back there.

Photo by: Melissa Cauthen

I love this picture. She looks so free, and joyful.

I don't care much for baseball, but check out that view!

How gorgeous are those dresses? I am in love with soft blush now. 
The girls look so lovely and ethereal.

Same photo, I just couldn't chose. Dont make me.

College best friends.

New Friends!

Mrs. Cauthen & Mrs. Blanchard.

They had a slideshow running the whole night. Hello mini bride Melissa.

Mr. and Mrs. with their (as my 5 year old brother would say) Marrying Rings.

Photo by: Melissa Cauthen
When the padres game was over the fire works started, how amazing is that?!

This was the most fabulous wedding I have ever attended. Perfect wedding for a perfect couple.

I highly recommend San Diego as a vacation destination. Casey and I are already planning a trip back, we want to rent a car or RV and travel up the coast to Napa.

I will leave you with a wedding related video that absolutely melts my heart. I am sure most of you have seen this video, but for those who havent:
(PS you should totally go look at all the pictures and play this music. I love it.)


  1. Love love love your blog and loved meeting you and Casey! :) Can't wait to read more about your married adventures! :) Too bad we don't live close enough to have craft/wine nights. Or more twirler parties haha.

  2. Fabulous as usual. So wish I could have been in San Diego for the wedding. You and Casey are such a gorgeous couple. love you

  3. I just read this Clayton and he loved it!!! We just want to say thank you again for this wonderful post and for everything you and Casey have done for us throughout our engagement!! It was such a fun year and I can't wait for the many more to come!!! Love you guys!!!